March 22, 2019

Self-Love Is King

Self-Love Is King

We stand surrounded by the mirrors that once confine us. The inferiority, the fear, the internal feeling of maliciousness, we hurt and we steadily crack inside.

We paint a happy yuppie face but on the inside we keep suppressing the filth with more lollipops. Over and over again we lie and keep awaiting something beautiful to make us whole.

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We are awaiting true love, perfection and happiness from other people who are equally broken if not more impecunious than we are.

Self-love is trendy, it’s cool but it’s a facade and an illusion of social media if you don’t understand the rudiments of it.

You claim you love yourself but you can’t accept the person standing in front of the mirror, you hate yourself because nobody wants you seated on their table, nobody calls you up to know if you’re still alive and kicking. It seems the more you try to find solace in the arms of other people you are torn into shreds.

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The world is an ugly place nobody was designed to be a doormat for your happiness.; You should endeavor to be beautiful to yourself.

Be your own king!

Self-love is king and the throne is thy heart. 

Take good care of that human standing in front of the mirror, pray for yourself, care for yourself and endeavor to find your own peace of mind. Feed your focus but don’t be your distraction.

They said love is blind, but to yourself be open minded and be voracious about your growth. You can’t be blind to yourself, if you remain blind that means you are swimming in a pool of obscurity and self-deceit. Own yourself, be a king, embrace the principle of faith over fear, self-love is king.

Whatever you hold back from life, life would reciprocate by snatching from you too. Learn to love yourself; nobody owes you that flagship at least. Endeavor to love yourself more in 2019.

Learn to love yourself from now henceforth.

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