March 21, 2019

Seven Exercises For Busy People

Seven Exercises For Busy People



How many times have you rued your inability to work out because you are busy earning a living? Did I hear you say almost all the time? Well, you and a billion other people. Making that mullah trumps making that muscle, right? Wrong. You can be busy and yet, still exercise.

These are seven simple routines to try for time-strapped people with a strict work schedule. Your gains start now (winks)


Walk every opportunity you get. Park a distance away from your stop and walk some meters to your office. Take the stairs as opposed to using the elevator if the distance is negligible. Walking is an age-old cardio that still works. If you are in doubt about its effect, just get up and do it. Use variants like a power walk to push your fitness level and get you one step closer to picking up running.



This is great cardio, ask boxers, they know. The most fun part about it is also the fact that it needs only a little space to work, especially if you’d prefer to stay indoors or within a confined safe space for people scared of runs at dawn.


This is a great body weight exercise that touches on multiple muscle groups and gets your heart pumping hard. It’s easily a routine to strengthen your hand, core, legs, and more parts. What is more, a 6-minute burpee can get you revving and struggling to catch your breath. It can be done in little time and give maximum gains when done with minimal rests in-between sets. Four to ten sets of 8 – 10 reps can be completed in six minutes and voila, you can move on to other parts of your day.


Sleeping is an underrated exercise

I know that’s the last thing you think should come on this list but it really is as vital as any other thing. During sleep, our bodies get recovery therapy which impacts our mood, cardiovascular health, and overall sociability. Sleep is how your body refuels to give maximum effort, don’t deprive it of that exercise.


practice mindful eating

Imagine you have a bucket that you must fill with all the important exercises for busy people. Nutrition is one of the big stones to put in first. Eating right is a crucial exercise. That choice can impact the others for good or bad. So before you grub, take some seconds to figure out what it adds up to. Are you feeding disease or fighting it?


stretching is exercise too, not just a pregame

This is often the most overlooked part of exercising, perhaps because it feels like child’s play. Well, it isn’t. Stretching helps to prep the muscles for more exerting routines and minimizes the likelihood of injury. The best way to deal with injury is to avoid it and stretching accomplishes just that. A good 10 – 15 minutes daily stretch once you wake up is a ritual that will keep injury at bay and keep your muscles warmed up for more activity in the day.


High-Intensity Interval Training is a must do when time isn’t your friend. It helps to burn fat, not muscle, gives you the same results in less time, and builds strength and pushes your overall fit game. The routines often involve a mixture of multiple exercise routines, done with minimal rest, very quickly. A fine example would be a circuit consisting of stepovers, jump-squats, high knees, and kick outs. There’s a variety of combinations depending on your fitness level and desire at the moment. 10 minutes or less is a fine start. You’ll be shocked by the gains you see.

See Massy kill it on a Monday, mixing burpees, side jumps, air squats, lunges, baby roll-outs etc. Worth the inspiration



Quit yapping about how you need to make money first, or finish making children first or need more time first and the other excuses you make.

Get with the program.  Let’s work




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