March 21, 2019

Seven Tips to Lose Belly Fat

Seven Tips to Lose Belly Fat

In my time as a fitness trainer, I have come to appreciate the importance and efficiency of core workouts. They build internal strength and help us perform other workouts with better form, reducing compensatory movements that increase the chances of injuries.

For both genders, but more for women because of the high value the society places on physical beauty, mirrored by a trim and taut mid-section among other things, nothing could be more demeaning than stomach blub. And before you begin your sit-ups to push them in, stop. It won’t work.

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To be clear, Core exercises may help you lose your belly fat but it’s just one of the things that you need to do. An over-emphasis on just core exercises though will do you no good and this is because your belly fat is evident because of your high body fat. To see your abs, you need to reduce your body fat, that along with the work from general exercise.

Seven tips to help you lose annoying belly fat are:

Flee from sugar: Sugar is simple carbs which give quick release energy and doesn’t really last in the body. It also increases your appetite for food, which encourages more snacking; a recipe for indiscriminate calorie intake. These days, a lot of popular sodas carry high sugar content. The most assured way to drop sugar is to stop drinking liquid calories.

Simple Sugars should be a NO NO

Exercise: Favour full body exercises using compound movements like squats, deadlifts, lunges, HIIT routines as opposed to long dreary, treadmill cardio. It’s the quickest way to lose fat. Give your body ample time to recover after each workout, so you get maximum results.

General Exercise is a must

Sleep: it’s advised from research to sleep at least 8 hours as your body gets into a fat burning spiral while you are asleep. Sleep is the engine that drives fitness results after nutrition.

Sleep is perhaps the most underrated exercise ever

2 Meals a day; This is based on simple logic. If you eat fewer times, you would eat fewer calories, thus, lose body fat. Less body fat means less belly fat too. It’s a wisdom of the intermittent fasting (IT) approach to weight loss. Researchers have also attributed many benefits to controlled eating that includes better energy levels, disease prevention and the like.

Eating mindfully is a decision to make, NOW

No snacking: everything you eat triggers insulin and insulin blocks fat burning. Don’t eat in-between meals if your goal is to lose fat, especially when you have a low and just below average energy expenditure profile.

Snacks contain high calories and weak nutrient profiles

Protein: Manage your protein intake. You need just about 0.82g to 1g of protein per your body weight in pounds (multiply your weight in kg by 2.2 to get the equivalent in pounds). This will make up your optimal protein intake for each day. Sticking to this quantity will help you better manage your insulin levels, which in turn will lead to optimal fat burning.

Never ignore proteins

Eat Veggies: You have to learn to love veggies. There’s a whole list to choose from; the leafy and crunchy varieties. Find the ones that have your heart and ensure to put them in all of your meals every time you eat.

Have veggies in every meal

You’ll be shocked to see the belly fat slowly disappear and it will be because of the work you put in. There are no easy answers, but rest assured, there are answers.

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