Seven-year-old sleeps for 11 straight days (Sun)

Seven-year-old sleeps for 11 straight days (Sun)

A little boy slept for 11 days straight after being struck down by a mystery illness.

Seven-year-old Wyatt Shaw had served as a ring bearer at a family wedding and danced all night – but left his family sick with worry when he struggled to stay awake the next day.

Mum Amy Shaw said when she tried to wake Wyatt up, he complained of a headache and a sore stomach – with the young boy going straight back to sleep.

She told The News-Enterprise: “I tried to wake him up, and he fell back to sleep.

“[I’d say,] ‘Wyatt, Wyatt, Wyatt!’ And he fell back to sleep again.”

The little boy was rushed to hospital, sleeping at the Norton Children’s Hospital in Louisville for another 10 days. Read more

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