March 19, 2019

Sex: Our love life is too redundant and without imagination

Sex: Our love life is too redundant and without imagination

We seem to be doing the same thing again and again and it has left me feeling bored. I’m making excuses to avoid sex even though I enjoy it

I love my boyfriend passionately.

We had a great love life until a few months ago, when I started to feel as if we were doing the same thing again and again.


Now I have trouble initiating sex because of this feeling of numbness, which he told me he sometimes feels, too.

I feel as if he doesn’t know how to push my buttons, and I don’t know how to guide him.

I really enjoy our foreplay and intercourse, but the beginning is very difficult and doesn’t feel spontaneous at all.

I find myself making excuses to avoid sex because I’m afraid it’s going to happen again.

When we do have intercourse, I have to think intensely about arousing situations to overcome the numbness.

It’s exhausting and depressing. Read more


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