March 19, 2019

Sex toys can never replace a warm embrace

Sex toys can never replace a warm embrace


Today, commitment and permanence in relationships is as rare as gold.

Individual pleasure has taken precedence and if it feels good, do it.

Abstinence is old fashioned as sex has now been re-defined over time and the condition for commitment and accountability has been compromised.

Sex for pleasure is driving the sex toys industry.

Sex involves the physical, emotional as well as the spiritual.

The bible teaches that once the marriage is consummated, the two become one flesh.

The spiritual and emotional connection is enhanced well if the couple is in a committed marriage.

Sex toys is thus a compromise of something that God designed to fulfil married couples.

Those who shut the world behind them, go to closed doors to enjoy a moment with the vibrator, do so for a number of reasons ranging from pleasure and ecstasy while some may not be ready for responsibilities of being in a committed relationship, bearing children and so forth.

But there are also some who go for sex toys as a matter of choice and to experience vibrations that stimulate the body.

Given that these sex toys are available and the growing number of men unable to sexually satisfy their spouses, these gadgets then become the allure to the haven of fulfilment.

We also have the pornographic influence which expresses sometimes extreme methods of the physical act.

These porns project idealised situations of sex performances.

Pressure is on couples who find it increasingly difficult to meet the threshold of sexual experiences depicted there-in.

These gadgets are vibrating devices intended to stimulate the body.

If we agree that sex provides that spiritual and emotional connection, then we know that those gadgets no matter how exciting they feel, cannot replace the physical act reciprocated by a fellow human soul.

Couples have to deal with sexual satisfaction challenges through communication, engaging a counsellor, resolving unresolved conflicts, and so forth.

Happy relationships don’t just happen, they are worked out.

Some women even claim that they achieve orgasm with a vibrator but not with their husbands.

Obviously, the men cannot have the prowess of a machine, and this complicates the relationship. Because of this ‘high experience’, a dependency on the sex toys can be as hooking as the use of drugs; given the masturbation nature of the entire experience.

To come out of this trap, the individual or the couple must acknowledge there is a problem, appreciate the purpose of sex as a gift only within the confines of marriage, seek counselling from a pastor or religious leader.

The sex toy can never replace the warm feeling of a loving embrace.

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