Shocking! Linda Ikeji’s Baby Daddy Denounces Both Blogger and the baby

Shocking! Linda Ikeji’s Baby Daddy Denounces Both Blogger and the baby

Popular Nigerian blogger Linda Ikeji seem to facing some ordeal in her personal life after it was announced that her baby daddy, Sholaye Jeremi has allegedly denied her and the 2-months old baby Jayce.

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According to reports from it was reported that Linda’s billionaire baby daddy is now romantically inclined with another woman known as Elizabeth Elohor. Elohor is based in Italy and she is the owner of Beth Africa Modelling Agency, a fashion organization.

Read the full report from;

He prefers Elohor and the two are an item. He has vowed not to have anything to do with Linda and her family. Maybe what made him more furious was the fact that Linda made her baby’s name public and used Sholaye’s name. She should have gotten approval to do that, You don’t thrust a baby at a man who has denied paternity of that baby from the outstet,” source informed Kemi Ashefon.

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Sholaye lives a reserved life and he is not a prominent personnel amongst the Nigerian audience, but he is wealthy and he is an Itsekiri, Delta state native. And it seems he prefers the new lady Elohor and he shares his heart with her because he is synonymous with his ‘low key life.’ According the source this comments were further elaborated by the source;

“Elohor is more reserved, quiet in the media and exhibits no drama unlike the Ikeji family. No serious businessman will want to have anything do with either a Linda or her loud family whoselife is all on the social media for all to read,” the source said

Linda who gave birth on September 17th this year in Atlanta, USA was excited about the arrival of her baby at the age of 38. It would be quite heartbreaking for Linda Ikeji who confirmed it herself that Sholaye was the father of her baby and less than three months later he has called off the relationship and has suddenly become stoic about her emotions and a huge disappointment for her family.

see the conclusion of the report from

“He’s currently seeing a very decent lady who’s divorced and he was said to have been begged by Linda’s parents to marry Linda.

He has refused bluntly and has not picked any calls from the Ikejis. He was said to have blocked Linda from reaching him too.”


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