Should the affected states scrap the anti-grazing laws? (Punch)

Should the affected states scrap the anti-grazing laws? (Punch)

It is within the legislative powers of state Houses of Assembly to make laws for the good governance of the affected states. If in the wisdom of the states concerned, they decide to repeal any existing piece of legislation; it is within their powers to so do. This is my personal opinion and not that of the NBA. Any individual who feels the law adversely affects his rights as a citizen; such a person can seek redress in court. I am afraid there is no place for sentiments in the eye of the law, the courts are there to deal with issues of the law.

My main worry is that the government has been unable to curb the incessant killings of Nigerians in most of the affected states. If suspending the law in this case is what is required for peace to reign, we could explore other options such as dialogue with herdsmen if it is established that they are responsible. Read more

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