March 18, 2019

Should your spouse be your best friend? by Funke Phillips

Should your spouse be your best friend? by Funke Phillips

One of the weirdest things I’ve never really understood is a person who is married having a best friend who happens to be the opposite sex. I’ve simply never understood it.

How does that work? How can you have a best friend that is a woman who isn’t your wife and how do you explain having a best friend who is a guy that isn’t your husband? I know people have lived a certain part of their life before deciding to get married but aren’t you supposed to marry your friend anyway? I heard marrying your friend makes the marriage stronger. So, if you marry your friend, why are you having a best friend of the opposite sex who isn’t your spouse? It just seems weird and funny.

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A lady told me of how her husband was always chatting with his “best friend” late into the night. The best friend would send inappropriate pictures and messages to her husband. She said she once saw a picture the friend had sent of herself in a bra, panties and killer heels to her husband. The text that followed the picture was “…….. getting ready for my date. nice shoes, right?” The wife told him that his friendship with the other lady made her uncomfortable but the man just told her to relax and ‘calm down’. He pointed out to her that he had known his friend longer than he had known her and that they were so close and had always been there for each other. It would have been funny if it wasn’t so ridiculous. I’m all for friendship and all but if you guys were so close, why didn’t you people just get married to each other?

Some people have no respect for boundaries. I can imagine if the reverse was the case and the woman was the one that had a male best friend sending pictures of himself in just his briefs and socks, the husband would probably have a heart attack. The village people would hear of it and the wife would most likely have to kill a goat to appease the gods of her husband’s village.

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Marriage is not a threesome or at least I don’t think it is. If your spouse isn’t your best friend, I don’t know why the heck you’re still married. Having someone of the opposite sex as your best friend when you’re married or in a serious relationship is nonsense. It’s even worse when the so called best friend can’t stand your spouse. I once read a story where the lady didn’t like her childhood friend’s wife. According to her, she thought the wife wasn’t good enough for him and felt he could do better. And I wondered what her business was. He’s your childhood friend blah blah blah but he’s married. If his marriage is a mistake, let him make it on his own. It’s really none of your business.

When I was dating my ex, I visited him and saw a girl’s underwear in his room. He said it belonged to Esther. Esther was his friend whom I absolutely detested and she detested me in return so equation balanced. He claimed they both went clubbing and got back late. So how did her underwear enter your room na? Erm….erm…maybe she left it after showering. Hian! But you have a guest room with a shower, why didn’t she use that one? Erm…erm…she slept in my room so that’s why she used my shower. Ahn ahn! But why is she sleeping in your room when you have a guest room? Erm…erm… Funke, I don’t like what you’re insinuating. You’re too jealous. Esther said this o. She said you might be jealous of our closeness. You need to chill and understand that she’s my BFF.

Huh? You go clubbing with your so called best friend without informing me? Strike one. You use words like BFF? Strike two. No chance for strike three. Long story short. That’s why he’s an ex. What grown ass man uses the acronym BFF? When you’re not a pre-teen girl in high school.

Maybe if we had gotten married, she would have been sending him pictures of herself in bras and ashawo ‘shag me’ shoes and the plonker would be telling me to calm down.

Do you not see that I dodged a bullet?

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  1. Kolawole

    *clears throat*…honestly I think what kills all gender is oju kokoro. Cos I don’t see any reason why you should have hand and decide you want to lend your friends hand. Anything BFF or what so ever dies on the day of my wedding. Biko..can’t even imagine a so called “BFF” send my wife picture of himself in boxers…tah!!!!


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