March 25, 2019

Say sorry or just shut up

Say sorry or just shut up

Showing sympathy for people going through difficult situations is sometimes a difficult task for the majority of Nigerians. This is not because they are not kind hearted, no, the reason for this is something often referred to ‘and me too syndrome’ or ‘my pain is painer than yours’

We find ourselves comparing our sad stories to that of the person sharing theirs.

For example, a person says ‘I am so broke, I don’t have any money’ the reply of the average Nigerian would be ‘and me too o, or your own is even good, you are married, your spouse can help you, or your father has money’ etc, and not feeling sympathy or offering any form of solace to the complainant.

Last week a couple of people on social media who were fed up this attitude had this to say.


So the next time someone is unloading their heavy heart on you, and you have nothing helpful to say, remember that it is ok to smiley-zipping-mouth.png (600×315)


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