April 27, 2018

Forget marriage, stay single biko

Forget marriage, stay single biko

All the single ladies, put your hands up. Those of you with raised hands, congratulations, you are winning at life. If it’s already got a ring on it, hard luck. This is all according to Happify who are debunking the age-old trope of the miserable singleton once and for all.

According to the site, it’s pretty much all good news if you are single. The only down-side is that you probably drink more – so keep an eye on that.

Generally, your physical health is going to be better when you’re on your tod. According to their research, of all the people in the UK who aren’t getting enough exercise, 73 per cent of them are married. Losing weight in general is more challenging if you’re in a marriage – all those nights sitting there staring into each other’s eyes are taking their toll on your glutes. Read more 

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