Skull-shaped Asteroid To Zoom Past Earth

Skull-shaped Asteroid To Zoom Past Earth

An asteroid that resembles a human skull will fly past Earth just after Halloween. The asteroid with an official title Asteroid 2015 TB145 is also called “dead comet”. The asteroid is said to have lost most of its ice and gases.

The asteroid flew past Earth for the first time on Halloween 2015. Its appearance was ghoulish. This prompted NASA to call it “The Great Pumpkin.” When the asteroid flew past Earth in 2015, it maintained a distance of 300, 000 miles from Earth. This is more than the distance between Earth and the moon which is 238, 855 miles.

Researchers say the asteroid is about to make another flyby in November. This time, though, it will be nowhere near as close it came in 2015. The distance this time is calculated to be about 105 times the average lunar distance.


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