How Skype has made living with diabetes easier (Aljazeera)

How Skype has made living with diabetes easier (Aljazeera)

For Mark Norman of London, an increasingly busy life meant that he had to find alternative means to manage his diabetes. As part of a new healthcare trend gaining popularity around the world, Norman has been using Skype to talk to his doctor for the past three years as part of a pilot programme that has been running in Newham, East London, since 2011.

“I can nip out of bed, turn on my [computer], and in 30 seconds be talking to my consultant at my own leisure,” the 22-year-old hotel worker says.

It was his diabetes specialist nurse at Newham University Hospital who first offered him the option of trying Skype appointments, recognising that Norman’s life as a psychology student at the University of East London was becoming increasingly busy.

Although initially reluctant to make the change as he had only been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes the summer before he began university, Norman has become convinced of the benefits of this consultation method.

“I just wouldn’t have gone to the appointments,” Norman says. “Juggling work, life and diabetes can be a pain. I am now in a better place to control [my diabetes] and Skype has made that easier.” Read more

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