March 21, 2019

SnapChat Adds Filters for Cats

SnapChat Adds Filters for Cats


Tech companies are taking their customer-centric product model up a notch by including facial recognition for animals too. Snapchat is the latest to make the gesture, with the addition of a filter that works on cats.

Previous versions of its facial recognition technology only worked on humans and you guessed right, some breeds of man’s best friend, dogs.

Now, cat owners can use Snapchat’s Lenses to decorate their pet with hats, glasses, and slices of bread.

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The announcement came weeks after parent company Snap reported the number of people using Snapchat on a daily basis had dropped.

It’s evidently an aesthetic addition spurred by a desire to engage a customer base that for the first time is declining.


Its number of daily active users dropped by three million to 188 million between April and June. It was the first time the company had reported a drop in daily active users.

In September, camera-maker Sony announced it was developing autofocus technology that worked on animals, to make sure their eyes appeared in sharp focus.


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