March 23, 2019

Snapchat Helps to Register Thousands of Voters

Snapchat Helps to Register Thousands of Voters


Snapchat says it may have helped over 418,000 users register to vote.

The social media company is famous among teens and young adults in the US. Fifty-Seven percent of the people who were moved to register were within this age group, the company said on Tuesday.

It’s uncertain though, how many of the users ended up registered.

How it did it

SnapChat included a portal on its Snapchat app, called TurboVote for a period of two weeks. The portal or link enabled users easily register to vote. The initiative was created in partnership with the non-partisan group Democracy Works.

The link only appeared on the page of users who were 18 years or older. The app also featured filters that people could use to get the word out about registration.


It’s unclear how many of these individuals were first-time voters.

Mike Ward, the TurboVote program director, said the team estimated how many voters it had helped by tracking the number of people who clicked through from the TurboVote site to the homepage of their state’s voter registration site.

In states like California that allow online registration, users were able to complete the process online. In states that don’t allow that form of registration, Democracy Works mailed users the forms they’d need to complete the process.

‘They’ve already done the heavy lift when we hand them off to directly interact with their secretary of state,’ Ward said.

Democracy Works will eventually check the number of registered votes against what’s obtainable from public records to ascertain how many people actually completed the process.

It’s part of a continued effort by the social media company to generate buzz around voter registration.

On National Voter Registration Day in September, Snapchat published a post that urged people to vote, saying it’s ‘one of the most important forms of self-expression we have in America.’

Before the 2016 election, the app ran voter registration ads and featured election-related content.

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