Snapchat’s redesign isn’t going anywhere (Gizmodo)

Snapchat’s redesign isn’t going anywhere (Gizmodo)

This month, more than a million keyboard-wielding, moderately frustrated users petitioned Snapchat to roll back its big redesign—the one Snap delicately introduced over the course of a few months and said would be “ disruptive.” Miraculously, this petition has achieved something, albeit on the smallest of scales.

Petitioners were rewarded with a response from Snap yesterday, but the lukewarm reply isn’t what they asked for. Yes, Snapchat is sticking with the changes. And yes, more changes are on the way to address any issues you may have with all these changes.

The gist of Snap’s response (in full below) is that it “completely understand[s]” your frustration. This is “just the beginning” and don’t worry, because Snap “will always listen.” Read more

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