Paddock snapped! Why are oyibo people like this?-Peju Akande

Paddock snapped! Why are oyibo people like this?-Peju Akande

You all must have heard or read or been told of the lone gunman, Stephen Paddock, the 64 year old OAP from Mesquite, Nevada, who fired at revelers enjoying the Route 91 Harvest Festival on the night of October 1, 2017 , leaving at least 58 dead and 500 injured.

He snapped! We’ve been told.

Who snapped him?

He lost his senses, as in he suddenly went bonkers

Oh yeah, why? Is he poor?

Couldn’t pay his children’s fees? Rent, perhaps? Couldn’t pay landlord? Or perhaps his wife gave birth to triplets and he just couldn’t handle it with mounting hospital bills, ungrateful in-laws who would soon use the excuse of visiting him over the birth of his triplets to feeding at his house daily, friends…

No! No one has said he had any such problem.

So why did he lose it? Did NEPA cut his light for days?

He wasnt found to have such mundane Nigerian problems.

So why the heck did he lose it?

I don’t get it either.

He had no criminal record, he had no record of insanity, he was a gambler, though.


His father was also a notorious bank robber on FBI’s Most Wanted list!

Aha! Now you are talking.

But why do Americans, who know that the minute they commit an offence, their entire life history becomes world knowledge, still go ahead and commit these crimes, knowing they would be found out soon?

I don’t get it!

Get this, sometimes when life is so good, so simple, so predictable, people tend to go looking for something just to shake things up.

Take a look at us Nigerians; we are too busy grappling with getting the basic things of life; light, water, security, employment, garri…rice…who has time to snap when the stomach is empty?

Tan ni we re?

No, around here we don’t just snap! In fact, no matter how mindboggling an issue is, we don’t snap! We shout, we swear, we curse, we threaten but we know we dont have the luxury of snapping; whereas in America, a lawyer will be got to defend your snapping, a battery of specialists will be arranged to determine your sanity or otherwise, you will be kept alive by every means and no police man must torture you despite killing over 50 in cold blood!

Try that in Nigeria!

No lawyer will touch you, except those hungry for cheap fame. No doctor will examine you to certify your insanity, because your village people will readily come forth to testify otherwise!

Tan ni we re?

Isn’t that why area boys will threaten to kill one another- ‘Ha! Ha! Waa gba a! emi, emi ke!’ In their guttural voices drenched in monkey tail and an assortment of cheap drinks and yet, at the end of the aahh-ing, no blood is spilled!

Life is good after all, so why should anyone take another’s life so easily, so cheaply, so suddenly!

What’s all these about?

‘Just a thought for those grieving both home and abroad; a whisper of assurance that the souls of the departed will find peace.

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