March 19, 2019

So what are you doing on Valentine’s day? -Ella Temisan

So what are you doing on Valentine’s day? -Ella Temisan


Because it is February, the famed month of love, I am going to move away from Lagos and all our many issues and drama, and focus on something else today, and that is Valentines’ Day



Valentines’ Day, as I am sure you all know, is a celebration of love – all kinds of love o, not just romantic love.


But for some reasons, we, especially in this clime, have changed the meaning of this day and have focused only on romantic love.


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Capitalism has also jumped on it so that what we have today is a very vague idea of what the day is supposed to be.


Since January, many people have been planning elaborate ways of celebrating the day, what presents to buy for their loved ones or where to go have dinner.


I even saw a restaurant offering couples romantic dinner for N120,000; imagine that in this Buhari economy. One is quick to ask what they are going to be eating at that amount.


I am definitely not their target market, so let’s keep it moving. Some people are going to be ‘unfortunately’ dressed in red and white on that day, looking like masquerades from my village.


I am not even trying to be my usual cynical self here, folks. I am going to say it as it is.


We live in a very depressing world today and celebrating love is important.

I think it is important for us to take this time out and celebrate the people we love and that includes our friends, family, colleagues at work, etc., not just the person (s) you are exchanging body fluids with.


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I am not here to tell people how to celebrate Valentines’ Day but this idea that on that day, you must spend thousands of Naira to show your partner you love him/her is such a capitalist idea.


Yes, buying and giving gifts are all nice and good but it’s not only on Valentines’ Day that you should do that.


How and why have we all equated love to money, gifts, and fancy dinners? Shops are already decorating, putting various gifts are on display, His and Hers getaways and dinners are all up for grasp. It’s like a madhouse but love is more than this.


The reason we celebrate Valentines’ Day is because of St. Valentine and he was known for showing love to everyone, especially the poor and the vulnerable in the society.


So if you are celebrating the day, remember what it stands for. Giving out to the poor or donating to charities wouldn’t stop you from enjoying the day with your partner.


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But remember what the day stands for; don’t let the capitalists grab all your money because you want to celebrate love.


Have a lovely weekend


P:s:s: If you live in Lagos, remember to stay in your house because our national grandfather is coming for a campaign.

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