March 22, 2019

So who is going to jail for that building collapse? – Ella Temisan

So who is going to jail for that building collapse?  – Ella Temisan


When that three-storey building collapsed in Lagos Island, everyone was in shock.

Apart from football,  the other thing that unites us in this country is tragedy.


Death doesn’t know tribe or religion.

When it comes, it comes for anyone and so we hold hands together and comfort each other. After a week or two, the rest of us move on while those directly affected bear the burden for the rest of their lives.


There are numerous questions arising from the latest incident.


What was a primary school doing in a building like that?

Who approved the school?

They told us the building had been earmarked for demolition since 2017 or 2018 I am not sure, but why was it still standing?

There are so many questions to ask, but will the answers bring back the dead?


Especially those innocent children?


What are we supposed to tell the father who lost his three kids in that building? “Our thoughts and prayers are with him” and “pele”?


Who is culpable and when is that person going to jail for the death of those children?

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I should stop now because we all know no one will be punished for this.


Lekki Gardens building collapsed and after a few weeks in the media the story vanished.


Lekki Gardens are still building houses today and nobody knows if they improved their standards or if they are taking more safety measures.


There are a hundred and one cases of collapsed buildings in Lagos but has anyone ever been arrested?

There are so many buildings in that same condition who we hear were earmarked for demolition so when will they be demolished?


Until more innocent citizens die?


It is only in this country any random person can wake up one morning, buy a land, employ anybody who calls himself an architect, engineer or bricklayer and start building a house.


There is no official supervision from government, no masterplan for the city, anybody can just build anything.


In fact, you can build a two-storey building, after five years you change your mind and make it four storeys and nobody will ask you any questions.


Is it not in this Lagos that tankers fall off bridges, or explode and kill innocent people often?

Has anyone seen any improvement in the state of these tankers?


Each time you are driving by or behind one of them, you start praying.


The government has sent their thoughts and prayers to the bereaved. To show us that they are working they will go to the scene of the accident, and do photo ops, until the next time.


Nothing concrete is done to protect Nigerians.


Yet, when it is time for elections, we focus on useless things.


Is he Igbo? Is he Hausa or Yoruba?


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Is he Christian?


He is my mother’s cousin sister child, he is too young, she is too old. We must vote XYZ because ABC said so.


I am tired of everything Nigeria.


Please if you can donate blood for the victims, go to Lagos Island Hospital at 1-3 Broad Street, Odan, Lagos Island.


May God comfort those who lost their loved ones in that tragic accident.


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