Social media goes gaga over Ras Kimono’s passing – Terh Agbedeh

Social media goes gaga over Ras Kimono’s passing – Terh Agbedeh

The hashtags #RIPRasKimono, #RasKimono, have been trending massively on social media since the passing of reggae legend, Ras Kimono, at 60 on Sunday. He was so loved for the impact he made with his music that once his death was announced on Sunday, people from all walks of life, often shocked beyond consolation, chipped in to express their pain at his death and then praised him for his legacy.

News of Ras Kimono’s death surfaced on Sunday after he was rushed to hospital from the Muritala Mohammed International Airport where he was said to be on his way to board a plane to the United States of America.

The artiste, who was born Ekeleke Elumelu Onwubuya over 60 years ago, originates from Delta State, Nigeria and came to the limelight after releasing his award winning album, Under Pressure  in 1988. He sojourned to the USA at a point in his career but returned to the country where he had helped shaped the music scene to continue to build on it.

Entertainment mogul and politician, Ben Murray-Bruce, wrote at his twitter handle, @benmurraybruce

“I feel so sad hearing about the death of reggae legend, Ras Kimono. He redefined the face of music and there will be none like him. He will be dearly missed”.

For entrepreneur and philanthropist, Tony O. Elumelu (@TonyOElumelu): “I just heard the worst news that the Nigerian Reggae legend, and my cousin, #RasKimono has died. Ras had a huge impact on my appreciation of music & is one of the reasons I’m such a huge fan of the genre. I still remember his performance at our #HHchrismas party two years ago… He will be deeply missed! Rest well Ras Kimono!

Senator Dino Melaye (@dino_melaye) wrote: “Death why! Why! My brother and my friend. Legend Ras Kimono rest in Peace. What a black day! What an unceremonious exit. I love you and will miss you. Sad sad sad”.

Senator Shehu Sani (@ShehuSani): “Ras Kimono; He made an immeasurable contribution in the field of arts. He used music for political awakening. He was not a praise singer for the establishment. His songs were for the poor and for his country. Adieu”.

Reno Omokri (@renoomokri): “Sad to hear about the death of Ras Kimono. A legend and one who made our childhood so much fun. May his soul Rest in Peace”.

Cool DJ Jimmy Jatt (@djjimmyjatt): “A man who dedicated his life to making good music, Farewell Ras Kimono. You will live forever in our hearts”.

Odudu Johnson  (@Ody_johnson) “RIP — Ras kimono , you made my childhood music life interesting …

Rastafarian may you Rest in the secret place of the most high Jah!”

Uche Onwuemeli (@UchennaNG) : “RIP Ras Kimono.. you gave us good music in the ’90s & I can’t forget you for reminding Nigerians that we were always ‘Under Pressure’.”

Joshua Gozie-Ebere  (@JoBlinkz) “Ras Kimono is dead and now everyone knows him, now he’s trending on twitter. When he was alive, 80% of the people tweeting about him never played or listened to any of his songs, now he’s dead, everyone is calling him a legend. Appreciate people when they are alive, not dead. RIP”.

Dele Momodu Ovation (@DeleMomodu): “Still in shock. Good night, my dear Brother, RAS KIMONO… Rest in Peace boss…”

Edaoto (@Edaoto): “’Life is on a fast lane but the destination is short’. Lion travel well, find peace and rest”.

Kayode Ajulo (@KayodeAjulo): “Ras Kimono, real name Ukeleke Onwubuya, a respected Nigerian artiste of the reggae genre passed on today. Kimono belonged to a nostalgic era in our musical history as a nation, and lived a life dedicated to didactic songs rich in intensity & spirit. He will be greatly missed”.

Victor Nwokocha (@victornwokocha): “Tribute to the last Reggae King! You came, you saw, you conquered! I am glad you smiled at death. Rest in Majesty, Ras Kimono!”

Uduak Isong (@Uduakisong): “Very saddened by the news of Ras Kimono’s death. His music contributed to building our character. May his soul rest in peace”.

Adewale Ayuba (@OfficialAyuba): “Ras Kimono may your soul rest in peace. Bad news”.

Gabriel Etenikang (@GabrielEtenika): “Stop that break dance, hold it, now listen…Ras Kimono rest in power”.

Solomon Godwin A (@SympleGee) “A man who dedicated his life to making good music, Farewell Ras Kimono. You will live forever in our hearts”.

Ikechukwu Onyekwelu (@venustraphilia): “RIP Ras Kimono…your music contributed to the fun that was my childhood”.

@Uruokpala: “Ras Kimono was of a different generation of Nigerian musicians. The generation that saw music as a medium of fighting societal ills & bad governance. His generation of Reggae musicians were influenced by the likes of Bob Marley & Peter Tosh. Political reggae if you like”.

Anthonia Orji (@AnthoniaOrji): “RIP Ras Kimono, Nigerian Raggae Maestro. May His Soul Rest In Peace”.

Ogbeni Femi K Mafe (@TheRealKufre85): “Listened to Ras Kimono a lot as child. Can still visualise a lot of his musical videos. May God grant him eternal rest!”

Bibi Ukonu (@Bibi_Ukonu): “Sleep well, Ras Kimono. All those parties in the 80s and early 90s. None was without you in the playlist. Farewell, Legend”.

Mark Ogbebor (@ewohimiman): “I celebrate you my idol, Ras Kimono, Spoke to us through your music and your strong message for justice”.

AdeBantu (@adebantumusic): “Rest In Power Ras Kimono. Your kind & generous spirit and your infectious energy on stage will forever be missed. #RasKimono”.

Favour Onyeoziri (GCFR) (@Rouvafe): “You made music that touched the soul. RIP Ras Kimono

Azubike Osumili (@azuosumili): “RAS Kimono! Ouch! RIP Legend of the systemic sound”.

Chidi Odinkalu (@ChidiOdinkalu): “On 10 Dec 2017, Ras Kimono led #Nigeria’s 1st #HumanRights Fiesta. Today, he’s immortal. #RIPRasKimono #JahBless!”

Juliana Osemeke (@julianaosemeke): “RIP Ras Kimono! His songs were a staple at kids parties in the 80’s & early 90’s. I remember dancing to his music as a kid.#sad”.

Taiwo Obe (@araisokun): “On Sunday, 3 February, a bubbly Ras Kimono, accompanied by his first cousin, Austin, visited me to discuss a show he was going to have at the Freedom Park towards his 60th b’day later in April. We had an engaging evening. Some mins ago, @qedng broke the news of his death”.

Charles Novia (@charlesnovia): “May the soul of the iconic reggae musician who gave us great songs in our musical history, Ras Kimono, find rest in the Lord”.

Cordelia Okpei (@Cordeliaokpei): “Rest well Pupa Ras Kimono. Ah!!! Farewell to a music legend who never was tired of doing what he loved. Always electric on stage. My big bros…rest well”.

Dami Ajayi (@ajayidami): “RIP Ras Kimono. We are still Under Pressure. Travel Well, Rastaman”.

Also on facebook….

Awah Jonah: “RIP Ras Kimono. Leave them under their pressure”.

Henry Akubuiro: “Ras Kimono and I never met Ras Kimono, but I met him through his music. I was a schoolboy when Ras Kimono’s Under Pressure took the Nigerian music scene by storm. Instantly, I became a converted ra…”

Temitope Abayomi Babayemi is feeling perplexed in Dallas, Texas: “Goodnight King! I never knew it was the last time I would see you alive when we met at the Airport on Thursday, June 7th”.

Dr. Joe Okei Odumakin: “The Sun set for the Rhumba master, Ras Kimono, not without leaving his marks. #RipRasKimono”.

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