March 23, 2019

Social Media Killed the Youth

Social Media Killed the Youth

When a young man or woman wakes up in the morning, the first they do is to check their notification on their respective social media accounts.

He checks how many people viewed his WhatsApp status, she checks if the last image she uploaded has gone viral and if she has garnered the attention of her followers.

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It is apparent that in recent times, everybody wants to trend on the internet, everybody wants to be accepted as a socialite on social media. People want to become influential and let their voices be heard.

One day, just one out of 365 days leave your bed, your computer and walk beyond your social media account and the internet or busy schedule and just call a friend, visit them or simply reach out to a family member for once.

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Social media has created the “illusion of perfection.” Everybody believes they don’t need anybody because they hide behind the facade of online-independence and social media liberation.

The best form of communication is still face-to-face discussion.

Drop your phone somewhere and iron out the issues of life, let there be true vibes in the words of our hearts.

There’s nothing as healthy as physical chemistry and connection, not everyone that is smiling with a sublime face on Facebook or Twitter is mentally fit or financially buoyant, not everyone forming hardcore is confident or open-minded in reality.

Friend, there is more to life than WhatsApp.

Turn off the television set and connect with humanity again, during conversations drop your phones (I hate it when I’m talking to someone and they’re chatting on me, “who the heck are you?”) phones don’t have legs, they won’t run away, just stare into people’s eyes in apt sincerity and learn to be real again.

Ladies and gentlemen, one day, perhaps today or tomorrow just do what you haven’t done in a while.

Revive your originality, don’t be a king or queen on social media, meanwhile you stammer when you are asked to express yourself in real life. My friend, you’ve done enough! Drop that phone and add some spice to your life. It’ll help you when you least expect.

Real people still exist. Not everyone is a hater or a fake friend, live while you’re alive. Thank you and have a great week ahead.

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