South Africa seeks stronger ties with Nigeria

South Africa seeks stronger ties with Nigeria

As the global market is becoming more competitive for every nation, South Africa has renewed efforts to forge stronger economic relations with Nigeria. The country aims to do this by promoting the positive perception about South Africa in Nigeria.

Speaking at a media parley in Lagos on Monday, the Chief Marketing Officer of Brand South Africa, Linda Magapatona-Sangaret, said Brand South Africa, an agency within the South Africa Ministry of Communications, is in Nigeria to collaborate and discuss the potential project that the two “economic giants” in Africa can work together.

As at last year, Nigeria’s and South Africa’s GDPs was valued at $569 billion and $353 respectively, the highest in the continent.

“We are here to share experiences about what has worked and what has not worked. We have invested a lot of research and we would like to share the result of those researches and analyze it together, and to reassure Nigeria that the relationship we have built over the year will remain a priority. So we are not bringing new things to Nigeria, rather we are renewing the basis of how to build our relationship. Read more

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