May 21, 2018

Spectranet offers broadband boost with ‘Pay Lite Download Heavy’

Spectranet offers broadband boost with ‘Pay Lite Download Heavy’


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The irony of Nigeria’s broadband campaign is not availability. After all there are about 3 terabytes of broadband made possible by private investors who landed under sea broadband cable into the country from abroad.


broadband-cableHowever, the capacity largely remained in the shores and hitting the hinterlands, rural places have remained a migraine.


This in turn provided a situation of the rich also cry which sees Nigeria as a country with huge capacity that its citizens can not access. It also left those who desire to launch into the internet to do so at great cost.


However, a pocket of Internet Services Providers, particularly on the retail platform are creating innovative ways of making things easy. Their efforts have also seen many under-served areas connecting to the global village which technology has reduced the whole world to.


This could be a reason why the Chief Operating Officer, Spectranet, Mr Atul Ojha, was all smiles, at the weekend when his company introduced yet another innovation, Pay Lite, Download Heavy, meant to keep Nigerian internet subscribers remained happy online.


The broadband plan gives users the opportunity and ease to download heavy data with insignificant amounts considering the current costs of bandwidth in the industry.

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