March 22, 2019

Speed Darlington Reacts to The Killing of Women and Babies in Cameroon

Speed Darlington Reacts to The Killing of Women and Babies in Cameroon

Earlier today, internet sensation Speed Darlington took to his Instagram account to react to the murder of women and children in Cameroon.

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The American-based Nigerian singer showed concerned about the shooting of innocent lives that occurred in Cameroon. According to the comment wrote pertaining the post, he thought it was the soldiers trying to protect the women it got to the moment where they opened fire against the indigenes of the vicinity.

See the video he shared below:

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It is uncharacteristic for the usually hilarious social media singer to post issues that concerns the ill of the society. See what he wrote:

“First I thought these Are Soldiers killing terrorists and their wifes and I was mad, why kill his wife? is she a terrorist too? no. Then the more I watch the video I realize that these men are terrorist terrorizing villages.

My heart is bleeding what did a baby do? did you have to kill a boy and his mother? Another woman was shot to death. Am I Dreaming this is Islamic terrorist that wants to turn the whole continent into Allah Akbar continent. This is the kind of behavior that makes Nnamdi Kanu wants Biafra.”

Speed Darlington further elaborated that the primary reason why Nnamdi Kanu, the current leader of the Biafran people wants freedom and independence for the Eastern Nigerians is due to the prevalent issue of terrorism. Meanwhile, may the souls of the dead people rest in peace.

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