March 24, 2019

Spider-Man Gets New Suit in New Spider-Man: Far From Home Set Video

Spider-Man Gets  New Suit in New Spider-Man: Far From Home Set Video

New images have emerged of Tom Holland and Zendaya filming for the upcoming Spider-Man film Far From Home. And in the pictures, it appears the superhero has taken on a new look – which seems weird after he was gifted such a snazzy suit from Iron Man in Infinity War. Nearer the end of the films, the Marvel franchise kept in with the comics and revealed that Iron Man had made Spidey a new suit. In the movie, the costume can be seen flying through space to Peter Parker when Tony summons the garment. The suit is more metal than fabric and is very reflective of Iron Man’s.

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However, According to Metro, the key feature is eight legs that emerge from the back of the suit, which allow Peter to hang on to moving objects and create a shield around himself when falling from a great height. So it would seem strange that Spidey would trade this in for an almost down graded version of the suit.

In the pictures, Tom can be seen sporting a fabric black and red suit, with a white spider printed on the back. Some fans have been led to believe that this is a new design for the character, where as others are more convinced the black parts will be CGI’d, turning Spidey into the half iron half arachnid hero he became in Infinity War.

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Tom and Zendaya can be seen larking around on the streets of New York, with the 22-year-old showing off his stunts as he swings around a lamppost and glides through the air with his co-star. Producer Kevin Feige is yet to give away any details about the movie, but let slip that it’ll be around Peter Parker and his friends travelling around Europe on a summer holiday. Speaking to Den of Geek , Feige said: ‘We’ve chosen a villain and I think the story line is fairly impacted by the locations we go to.

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