March 23, 2019

Sponsored Post: Breakfast Nigerian Millennial kids love so much

Sponsored Post: Breakfast Nigerian Millennial kids love so much

In the years gone by, our parents would hustle anything for breakfast which we will guzzle down with glee as we made our ways to school but in this age and time, our millennial kids are very selective in what they eat.

Millennial kids are very fussy when it comes to what they eat and will prefer going to school on empty stomachs instead of eating just about anything you throw at them.

These days, parents are always in search of new recipes to keep their kids happy and some can even go to a great length to beg the little ones to just eat a bite before joining the school bus.

Kids who take cereals for breakfast are healthy children
Kids who take cereals for breakfast are healthy children

Nigerian millennial kids are not like those of us who grew in the 80s and as such, parents are always on the lookout for new recipes and ways to make the meals better, richer, and comfortable for their fragile stomachs.

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Sometimes, the task of finding the best balance for them can be a bit difficult to complete if you have a child or several children, and sometimes, the idea is extremely easy to implement.
Now that your child is going to school in the morning, it’s very important to make time for breakfast. A good breakfast fuels their day and helps them focus at school and is linked to a healthier body weight.

At the age of five, children become like adults in that they eat more when served more. Serve smaller portions and give children second helpings when they ask for it.
Boys start having higher energy needs than girls around four, so try to give an extra portion of vegetables, meat/beans, and grains for boys, but use your child’s appetite as a guide. There’s no specific amount of water recommended for children, but it’s a good idea to give them water throughout the day, not just when they’re thirsty.

How much food do kids really need?
The number of calories a school-age child needs each day depends on his age, gender, and activity level. Important nutrients for school-age children include calcium found in milk and yogurt, iron in beef and cereal.

Others include Vitamin A found in fruits, vegetables, and dairy products, vitamin D in fish and dairy products and iodine, which is abundant in seafood, dairy products, enriched grains, and iodized salt.

Protein is also important for growth, strength and muscle maintenance in school-age children. Children who are between four to eight need at least 19 grams of protein and kids ages nine to 13 require 34 grams of protein. High-protein foods include lean red meat, chicken, turkey, fish, eggs, milk, yogurt, beans, peanuts etc.

So what are the simple dishes for breakfast your little ones will love to eat before going to school? How can you impress your kids with food? What are the most popular Nigerian breakfast recipes for every day of the week?
Today, we bring you a compilation of some of the best breakfast meals Nigerian millennial kids love so much.

1. Rice
Rice can be an incredible idea for sleepy mornings. If you prepare the meal beforehand, all you will have to do in the morning is to create a quick decoration to impress and motivate kids to eat it.

Here is an idea for a creative breakfast with rice and vegetables: Rice and carrots can be an awesome combination for a sheep-themed breakfast.

Combining cooked rice with carrots and broccoli on a plate can also let you use your imagination for a healthy and beautiful breakfast based on your child’s preferences.

This breakfast is rich in fiber and carbohydrates and will fill up your little with enough energy for the start of a new day.

2. Cereals
Cereals in any form is a favourite of many children these days. Apart from being very nourishing with all the nutrients, you can think of, it is simple and easy to prepare.

All you need to have in your kitchen is some milk and their favourite cereal and some creative ideas.
A lot of Nigerian kids prefer Golden Morn cereal, either in maize or millet form, which is rich in iron, vitamin A, calcium, and fiber, and make something really cute to impress your child.

Kids are in love with cereals and while there is no need to decorate this meal to attract your little ones, it is always better to make something unique and impressive.

3. French toasts, buns, cookies
Nigerian millenial kids love French toasts, buns, cookies and similar snacks for their morning meals and for them, they are fun and tasty.
As a parent, you can make their breakfast time fun by employing themes they will love as they guzzle their meals.

You can always turn buns into animal shapes to add the fun for them. You can add some fruit to create a food drawing and if your child loves cars, decorate the plate for your small driver to enjoy both cookies and get some healthy fruit.

Toasts are also delicious with some chocolate. By cutting unusual shapes from regular bread pieces, can also save your morning energy and help you feed even the naughtiest child before school.
If your kids are in love with toasts with jam, make a couple of pieces and recreate a popular Pac-Man game right on their breakfast plate.

This way, popular and common pancakes can also be turned into a masterpiece without any difficulties from your side.
You can also follow thes breakfast table to know exactly what to prepare your kids as they prepare to get to school:

Follow this table as a guide to preparing breakfast for the kids
Follow this table as a guide to preparing breakfast for the kids

4. Fruits and nuts
There are multiple ways how to turn regular fruit, vegetables, and nuts into a food art your kids will love to eat in the morning. This can be a nice idea for your little one’s breakfast. For example, you can create a delicious plate with fruits in the morning by simply cutting strawberries or other berries into different simple shapes.

It is also possible to create a fruit animal of any shape, for example, like this cute owl. Parents who don’t believe in their own creativity and food decoration skills can always cut strawberries, bananas and use raspberry or blueberry and other berries.

5. Meat, sausages, and vegetables
The little ones love meat, sausages and vegetables for their breakfast. In fact, these are very popular meals for them especially when they come in awesome shapes.

You can easily cook the most popular Nigerian snacks for breakfast if you can use scissors or knife to shape some of the vegetable pieces with all the creativity you have on your mind.

Parents who love to stay creative will be happy to make houses from meet or sausage plus vegetables and if your kid likes food to be creative, you can also use bread to ‘draw’ monkey’s ears, meat balls for the animal body and cheese plus vegetables for drawing extra details on the plate with the child breakfast.

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