November 24, 2017

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Sri Lanka crocodile victim Paul McClean hailed as a gifted reporter (TheTimes)

Sri Lanka crocodile victim Paul McClean hailed as a gifted reporter (TheTimes)

Navy divers have recovered the body of a British journalist who was snatched by a crocodile at a popular surfing spot in Sri Lanka.

They found Paul McClean’s body in a muddy lagoon known to be infested with crocodiles, close to where he was last seen waving desperately for help.

A police spokesman said that there were several wounds on his legs that were consistent with a crocodile attack.

“There were six or seven wounds on his right leg,” the spokesman said. “The body was stuck in mud at about the same place where he was seen last by some others who were with him.”

The Financial Times journalist had wandered almost half a mile from the main surf beach in Arugam Bay to use the lavatory. He was washing his hands in the lagoon when the crocodile snatched him.

Witnesses said that they saw him waving in desperation as he was dragged underwater.

It is understood that he arrived in the country only recently and was staying at a hotel with friends, who identified his body. Read more

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