February 18, 2018

‘Star Trek: Discovery’ finale thoughts and season 2 questions (Cnet)

‘Star Trek: Discovery’ finale thoughts and season 2 questions (Cnet)

Last year Star Trek: Discovery” began with a few elements that didn’t seem very “Trek”. It spotlighted a hero other than the captain. It followed an ongoing arc rather than standalone episodes. And for a ship called USS Discovery, there was very little seeking out new life and new civilisations.

But now the first season has drawn to a climax with episode 15, “Will You Take My Hand?” it seems like the show wasn’t about discovering new life after all. It was about discovering what made “Star Trek”, “Star Trek”. And in the season 1 finale the show came full circle back to its own genesis and to “The Original Series”.

With spoilers, here’s some thoughts about season 1 — and some questions for season 2. Read more

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