The Story of DN Meyer

The Story of DN Meyer

The companys origins are directly linked to John Boyd Dunlop, the Briton who invented the worlds first practical pneumatic tyre in 1888 and Hagemeyer N.V, the great Dutch Trading Company which operates as a holding company for a vast array of subsidiaries located all over the world( It also manufactured Sigma Paints and Cosmetics).

The company was originally formed as Hagemeyer which commenced Nigeria operations in the early 1940s. In 1960, it was registered as Hagemeyer Nigeria Limited. Dunlop as a company was established in 1961 and was involved in manufacturing of tyres and tubes and the sale of equipment, industrial rubber goods and footwear. In 1979, multinational companies operating in Nigeria were forced to locate their shareholding in the capital market. This brought the nationalization of the company to become Dunlop Nigeria.

In 1994 Hagemeyers parent company in Netherlands divested and Dunlop Nigeria took over the majority shareholding. The company thus became a full subsidiary of Dunlop which then introduced the corporate and brand name changes: The DN stands for Dunlop Nigeria while Meyer derives from (Hagemeyer). The companys product brand also shifted from sigma to Meyer brands. Again in 2003, Dunlop divested 100% from the company leaving the board with no option but to once again change the name. Read more

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