March 25, 2019

Submission + Transmission = Confusion (Part 2) – Viola Okolie

Submission + Transmission = Confusion (Part 2) – Viola Okolie
The illegitimate younger brother of forcing guy, is forcing sense.
Otherwise known as Ndi Woke, Social Media Naija branch.
These bunch of people can say or do anything to sound “among” on social media; overlooking the painfully obvious fact that the internet is like a lady jilted by a man she has invested time, money and efforts in – the internet never forgets.
And the internet does not just “not forget”, it keeps records of your miscaforming down to the minutest details.
Did a man slap a woman for attempting to eat four eggs in his house? Foolish man, kini big deal inside four eggs that he will slap a woman because of that? Men are sc-m. (don’t want a ban from Facebook crawlers that obviously don’t speak sarcasm). What a trip! Let us meet in front of the Unity fountain with placards to protest this assault on a fellow human being.
Did a woman slap a man for daring to complement her on her outfit? What? Foolish man, men are sc-m, how dare you look at another woman you are not married to? Are you alright at all? Let us meet in front of Inity fountain with placards blablabla.
Did a woman who got invited to a hotel room by a man after sexting for three months, accept the invite fully expecting to zog, but on getting there decides the zogger has halitosis or does not get as much head as she expected?
What? How dare he? That is rape na. He just raped a poor girl. Men, NO means NO. If not that you are sc-m, how would you not have known that the mere fact that you have had sex with her and she moaned and scratched your back while you were at it, does not mean that she gave consent. Consent can even be withdrawn after the act making sex that was consensual at the point it was consummated, a rape as soon as the female participant changes her mind after the deed has been done.
Man wakes up after a drunken night at a party with friends and finds himself naked with an equally naked woman lying beside him. He doesn’t remember giving consent to the sex but the girl is even roaring for more.
Hahahahahhahaha… that is so funny. Bro just tell us that you enjoyed the sex. Oh my word, my chest. I can’t breathe *tags other members of Ndi woke social media* Come and read this funny thing  that happened to this guy o. He went to bed with a girl he met at a party and she made love to him while he was sleeping.
Consistency is a problem for Ndi “forcing woke” of social media but the major problem is not in their flip-flopping, but in the gullible masses of social media who allow them to lead them around like they have all got rings in their noses.
The worst part: my way or the highway.
I met an amazing young lady on social media the other day (name withheld), but she is a 21 year old motivational speaker who is getting some rave reviews, interviews, speaking opportunities and support. Going through her time line, I was amazed at how much she had grown in such a little time and while I thought about her, my mind took itself back to a post by a 19 year old Nigerian girl who posted something about how women needed to only marry men they could submit to and men only marry women they could “control”.
Trigger words for Ndi forcing woke? Submission and control. The two of them on the same post = outright declaration of war.
They swarmed on that post like flies round runny poo, and mauled  the poor girl. There was no mercy, even those who had daughters her age did not see the need to correct and guide because those of us who are not trying to be woke by all means, understood EXACTLY what she meant. Na the mode of delivery be the wahala.
A lot of women go into marriages because of pressure, overlooking the fact that in marriage, you have to have some measure of respect for the person you have decided to be equally yoked with.
You have to believe him to be several rings above the men are sc-m ladder. You need to be able to let yourself relax in his presence and trust his judgement on certain issues.
Ladies and gentlemen, behold the meaning of “submission”.
And for men, I’ll just summarize what she tried to say with an Igbo proverb: “onye ndundu na ekowe akpa ebe aka ya na eru” – the short man hangs his bag where his hand can reach.
No be say you go go marry wife wey pass your power because you believe you are a man, and your chukuchuku should be able to see you through.
Hence a mechanic will go and toast a bank manager and be expecting to withdraw humbility from an account that he deposited foolishness inside.
That kain thing.
So in other words, women marry men you can respect. Seriously, ask all the married feminists if they will pause for once and tell you the truth, respect is an integral feature in the men they finally married.
Men, take your long throat. If you know your hand no reach, no go for high class when you no get class at all, then come and start regaling us with useless stories that touch, when we are just trying to enjoy our time on social media.
See, it is quite commonsensical if you think of it.
Unfortunately, Ndi forcing woke of Social Media Naija branch, are always high on IG of police’s transmission fluid.
Akpuru achia of ndi forcing woke is the word “submission”. It makes them high and always stuck in a loop.
Transmission transmission? Confusion. I mean, transmission. Sorry Sir, transmission.
And submission + transmission = confusion.

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