March 25, 2019

Sultan Of Sokoto: ‘There Is Too Much Bloodshed In Nigeria’

Sultan Of Sokoto: ‘There Is Too Much Bloodshed In Nigeria’
The Sultan of Sokoto is not happy with the bloodshed in Nigeria
The Sultan of Sokoto is not happy with the bloodshed in Nigeria

Alhaji Muhammad Sa’ad Abubakar, the Sultan of Sokoto and President General of the Nigeria Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs (NSCIA), has decried the increased blood-letting in the country and has called on the government of the day to do everything to possible to nip it in the bud.
The Sultan who was a guest at a National Stakeholders Summit on the 2019 Election’s Integrity and the unveiling of the ‘let the votes count, rig no vote’ campaign organised by the Youths off The Street Initiative in collaboration with the Nigeria Inter-Religious Council, said Nigerians cannot continue to go about killing and spilling blood in the name of religion when both Islam and Christianity preach the sacredness of life which should be respected by all.
“As Christians and Muslims, we know the sacredness of life. We cannot go about killing innocent people and claiming to be doing so in the name of religion.
This is not right and must be condemned and must be removed from our communities. All of us must rise up against those people.
There is too much blood shedding in Nigeria. The blood of innocent people who do not even know what is happening or what is governance.
This is happening across the country and if we don’t stop this and recognise the sacredness of human life, we cannot see peace, we cannot have peace and development in any place.
Nigerians must wake up and know that we must come together because our religion does not allow us to kill people, but preach peaceful co-existence, loving your neighbour as your self and things like that.
So, when people spread a different notion about what Islam or Christianity said about loving your neighbour by killing him or abusing him every day and calling him all manner of names, I don’t know.
The CAN President speaks for the millions of Christians in the country and I speak for my own brothers and sisters who are Muslims. You don’t have to bring everybody.
You just need to bring the leadership to a room to discuss, but we must discuss what we believe in and what our religion orders us to. Once we go out, we can through the media spread that campaign.
It is one thing to come to a meeting and say one thing; it is another to go out and implement those things we agreed on. In Islam, for you to do what you don’t believe in, is very bad and so, you can not say one thing and do another. So, we must do what we say and work with what we believe in.
People see politics as do or die. We should not see it that way. That is why we tell out politicians always that they should not feel they must be in a particular office always.
You can contribute to the development of the country or your community by being an independent person. It is not by force for you to go into a public office.
If you are elected by people, let them come near you so that you feel their pains. You can’t be in an office and nobody comes close to you. A leader must take decisions concerning his people through consultations. You don’t just wake up and enact a law that is totally against my freedom.”

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