Sweden imposes stricter border controls to stem migrant influx

Sweden imposes stricter border controls to stem migrant influx

All train, bus and ferry passengers traveling from Denmark to Sweden will from Monday be required to show photo identification before being allowed across the border in a drastic move by the Swedish government to stem an unprecedented migrant influx.

Travellers have been warned to expect long queues and delays once the checks go into effect from midnight (2300 GMT) on the Danish side of the Oresund bridge-and-tunnel link, which has been a major entry point for migrants and refugees hoping to start a new life in Sweden.

The measures are aimed at keeping out undocumented migrants and come after Sweden—which has taken in more asylum seekers per capita than any other European nation—said it could no longer cope with the unregulated flow of new arrivals.

A temporary fence has already been erected at Copenhagen airport’s Kastrup station, where trains will be stopped for the mandatory controls, to prevent people from trying to slip across the tracks. Read more

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