Republican Senate Release Report To Discredit Swetnick – And Help Kavanaugh

Republican Senate Release Report To Discredit Swetnick – And Help Kavanaugh

Last week, Ms Swetnick said in an affidavit that Mr Kavanaugh was present at a house party in 1982. She alleged she was the victim of a gang rape at this party.

Kavanaugh expressly denied this claim.

Now, in an unprecedented move, Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee released an explicit statement that purports to describe the sexual preferences of Ms Swetnick.


In the statement, Dennis Ketterer, a former Democratic congressional candidate and television meteorologist, said he was involved in a brief relationship with Kavanaugh accuser, Julie Swetnick in 1993.

In his statement, Mr Ketterer revealed that Ms Swetnick told him one time that she sometimes enjoyed group sex with multiple men and had first engaged in it during high school. He claims that the remark derailed their relationship, which he described as involving physical contact, but no intercourse.

Mr Ketterer said Ms Swetnick never said anything about being sexually assaulted, raped, gang-raped or having sex against her will and never mentioned Brett Kavanaugh in any capacity. He described their relationship as lasting for a couple of weeks.

Mr Ketterer said that his “lasting impression” of Ms Swetnick was that she was “smart, fun and funny.” He also described her as “an opportunist” who sought him out at the bar where he said they first met.

The statement’s release reflected Republicans’ aggressive tactics to fight the allegations against Mr Kavanuagh, who is currently being investigated by the FBI.

At the moment it remains to be seen whether this helps to rescue Kavanaugh’s waning popularity brought about by the allegations that appear to have derailed his once bright chances of assuming the position of Supreme Court Judge.

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