January 24, 2018

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Prominent ISIS leader, Hussam al-Shallouf killed in Syria

Prominent ISIS leader, Hussam al-Shallouf killed in Syria

The coalition on Monday renewed its airstrikes on headquarters of the ISIS extremist group in Syria’s northeastern Hasakah province, killing a number of militants and destroying several ISIS vehicles.

Coalitions fighter jets hit ISIS positions in the town of Markadah in southern Hasakah with several strikes.

“At least twenty ISIS militants were killed in the airstrikes, including the prominent ISIS leader Hussam al-Shallouf,” rights activist Salman Malla Rashid said in Hasakah.  The source added that over five ISIS vehicles were destroyed in the raids.  Al-Shallouf, a Syrian member of ISIS, was responsible for torturing and beheading anti-ISIS activists in Markadah.  Read more

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