Taiwan inaugurates first female President

Taiwan inaugurates first female President

Taiwan on Friday inaugurated as its first female President Tsai Ing-wen, a candidate from the pro-Independence Democratic Progressive Party, ushering in what has been called in China a new “era of uncertainty”.

Ms Tsai took the oath of office at the presidential palace in Taipei after winning a landslide victory in January on a wave of anti-China sentiment as the island faces economic headwinds.

Beijing-sceptic Tsai raised her right arm as she read the oath in front of Taiwan’s national flag and a portrait of Sun Yat-sen, who founded the Republic of China before its government fled to Taiwan as the Communists seized power in 1949.

China claims Taiwan and says it will one day be reunited with the mainland – by force if necessary.  It carried out military exercises on its southern coast, across the strait from Taiwan, earlier this month. Read more 

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