Taye Ige re-launches hotsportstv.com

Taye Ige re-launches hotsportstv.com

Taye Ige, Chairman/CEO of HS Media Group, has re-launched the repackaged and re-energised news website, www.hotsportstv.com.

Ige said in a statement that the new improved platform will comes alive on Monday, February 19 and provide Nigerians and the world with the best of sporting stories all around the globe. Adding that, again, the sporting world is aglow.

The over two-decade veteran of sports journalism said hotsportstv.com “is a vintage wine in a new bottle. You can be assured of in-depth sports analysis, breaking news, and flawless sports reporting from our stable”.

Commencing from 6am, Monday, February, 19, 2018, hotsportstv.com, he guaranteed “will satisfy your appetite on all your sporting and entertainment needs in a banquet of sports and comedy, backed up with insightful videos”.

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