July 23, 2018

#TECHMEETSART as Samsung and Rele Gallery Launch Art Competition

#TECHMEETSART as Samsung and Rele Gallery Launch Art Competition


Tech company Samsung and contemporary art destination, Rele Gallery have announced a first-of-its-kind collaboration,featuring an art competition, themed: ‘Interactions: Crossing Lines’.




This theme seeks to bring forth art that literally exists outside the box; that crosses lines; art that goes beyond mediums of paper, canvass, panel, stone or any other traditional outlet.

Participants, in this exciting competition are required to submit an art work (drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, video art & mixed media work) that fits into the aforementioned theme.

Reputable art industry leaders will judge the competition based on the following criteria-

  1. Originality (must be an original work by the artist submitting)
  2. Creativity (if the art fits into theme and if the artist thought outside the box)
  3. Technicality (artistic skills will be assessed)

Entries will be sent/posted on the site created for the competition: www.techmeetsart.ng

The best entries will win amazing newly-released Samsung products. They will also have their work showcased on Samsung devices, at an exhibition at Rele Gallery and will have their works viewed by collectors, top art industry stakeholders, established artists in the field and art critics.

The competition will close on September 9th 2015.

Winners will be announced at a closing ceremony at Rele Gallery, 5 Military Street, Onikan Lagos on September 13th 2015.

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