How Technology is driving future readiness in education – Adetola Salau

How Technology is driving future readiness in education – Adetola Salau

Integrating technology with face-to-face teacher time generally produces better academic outcomes than employing either technique alone. – Edutopia

We have sped through the first week of 2018 and technology is sweeping through classrooms across the globe as educators and developers create more and more products designed to enhance education.

Technologies like AI, and educational software have stirred and revolutionized the role of educators, creating radical shifts in educational pedagogies and remodeling the classroom.

Traditional educational methods have been evolving in the past decade. Let’s take a closer look at technology’s developing role in the education.

Technology has made personalized learning possible.

Each individual student learns differently, and technology enables educators to adapt distinctive learning styles on a case-by-case basis.

Technologies like DreamBox,  a math education software that’s used some US classrooms, adapts to each student’s skill level and lets students learn at a pace best matched to their needs.

Adaptive learning software  has replaced the role of textbooks in some classrooms and students are undertaking subjects with the aid of tailor-made software programs that assist their needs.

Radical shifts in education have taken place due to technology.

As I have stated in my previous article, it is easy to do a search on Google for information; even to calculate math problems. Educators have to revise their understanding of what type of knowledge their students need to survive in a order to thrive in a technology-dominated world.

Previously education focused on equiping students with the necessary skills to turn them into trained workers, educators of the 21st century should be more concerned with teaching students how to be self-directed learners.

Yet with all of this tech, teachers are still the focal point of education.

There is no doubt that technology is important, but it’s really just the tool to ensure that learning is engaging. It should empower educators and not eliminate the need for them.

Educators should take advantage of the data provided from educational software track their students’ progress.

Artificial intelligence (AI) will be central in the upheaval in education.

AI will make one-to-one tutoring more and more possible at a colossal scale.

The U.S. Navy introduced an AI-based tutoring system called Education Dominance into an IT school in Pensacola, Florida. The platform works similarly to a human tutor, monitoring each student’s progress and providing personalized assessments and tests.

The Navy stated that the students who had worked with the digital tutor made massive strides in their learning, and that they unfailingly tested higher than the students who had studied without the AI program.

This is the wave of the future as it gives us a glimpse of how learning will occur in the next decade or two; computers stepping in to be students’ personal tutors adapting to their various learning styles.

Creating more independent learners

Educators are using these new changes to create small groups to facilitate learning between students- peer to peer interactions. This allows students to take more ownership and have more involvement in how they learn. With adaptive technology supporting individuals at every aptitude level, students are better fortified to learn on their own.

There needs to be caution though…

Technology doesn’t solve all the problems we have in education.

We need to gauge carefully whether technology will improve education across board. At  best currently, we are  careful to say that is has impacted education positively in driving more engagement amongst learners.

Technology’s value in the classroom will be in how it is adapted to learning. When combined with  social relationships, caring educators, and methodical programs, technology will be a fantastic asset.

In the end, it will be about how educators setup and run their classrooms for engaged and excited students.

Adetola Salau; Educator / Speaker / Author/ Social Entrepreneur / Innovator

She is an Advocate of STEM Education and is Passionate about Education reform. She is an innovative thinker and strives for our society & continent as a whole to reclaim it’s greatness. She runs an educational foundation with the mission to transform education.

facebook-: Carisma4u

twitter-: @Carisma4u


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