May 22, 2018

Tekno, Folake and Nigerian hypocrisy- Lucia Edafioka

Tekno, Folake and Nigerian hypocrisy- Lucia Edafioka

One shudders to think what became of Fọlákẹ́, the object of Tekno’s infatuation in the hit Pana. If she caved in to Tekno’s seduction, how might her encounter with the cassava have gone?

But who inane lyrics epp?

We sang along with Tekno, danced, watched Pana the video some 24 million times on YouTube. That, of course, did not stop us from whining about his lyrics, which, as Fọlákẹ́ may now have realized, are rather painful.

Tekno rose to fame on the back of one word hit singles like Where, Duro, Pana, Diana. And on all of these tracks were familiar afflictions, lyrics whose internal logic are garbage at best.

my baby danci dude o, lagbaja– Pana

Your beauty make me realize say NEPA don bring light– Duro

Hallelujah hosanna girl you I want o

Girl your body banana, sweeti my heart o /

Way you dance e kerewa o,

My love is forever o

want to sing you the makossa o , – Verse 1 of Where

…my dollar sniper cannot shoot it o/But DJ can slam it o/so dat me and you can dance o eh… Where

So when Tekno turned out Rara, a Fẹlá inspired track, some of us were somewhat pleasantly surprised. It was a departure from his usual word salad and in it, he advanced pointed social critique: – Nepa no bring light o, generator wan tear my ear.

He went on to sing of the lies, deceit and looting that comes naturally with Nigerian politicians (so so story every year/ dem carry our money go other nations/ invest in your countries oooo/ make e be better place), and because Nigeria’s problems are cosmic, God makes an appearance.

The God of Tekno is a bountiful God, for whom problems are no matter.

Oluwa dey bless  me/ se he go bless you tooAmen, Amen, Amen, his backup singers respond, Fẹlá style.

The Selebobo-produced Rara is definitely one of Tekno’s finest works,  a huge step away from Tekno’s usual narrative of absurd metaphors and tepid lyrics. The catch, however, is that Rárá, for all its social consciousness and better content, has less than 1million views on YouTube. As of today, Where has over 11 million, Duro 22 million, and Pana 24 million views.

Nigerians – the largest concentration of hypocrites on earth- will prefer to dance and grind to a Pana, Duro rather than Rara. They will watch a video like Flavour’s Obianuju, complain about the nudity but totally ignore a song celebrating beautiful aspects of Igbo culture like Flavour’s gbo gan gbom.

Obianuju, with all the skin exposed in the video, has over 6 million views, while gbo gan gbom has just 600,000 views because no one was wearing panties or jiggling their ass.

We give artists reasons why they should continue to deliver pop songs with bad lyrics, then turn around to wail about lack of ‘societal values’ and ‘morals,’ but hey let’s not forget that we are not the only ones that have the right to ridicule.

If another nation, say Ghanaians or Kenyans dare to say one word against the same pop artists, Nigerians, like a pride of famished lions, will attack until every member of that country logs off the internet.  


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