June 20, 2018

Telcos May Face Additional Fines

Telcos May Face Additional Fines

There are indications that telecommunications operators (Telcos) may incur additional fines other than the combined fine of N120.4 million imposed on the four operators for failure to deactivate all pre-registered SIM cards, improperly registered SIM cards, and incomplete registered SIM cards that are still active on their networks.

NCC slammed the fine on them last week, at the expiration of the seven-day ultimatum given to the operators to carry out the deactivation exercise, and gave them up till yesterday (Monday, September 7) to pay the fine or risk additional fine of N100,000 per day for each of the operators, as long as the main fine remained unpaid.

Checks however revealed that the operators may not have paid the fine as at the close of work yesterday, an indication that the additional N100,000 fine per day, will start counting today across networks.

While MTN was fined N102.2 million, Globacom was fined N7.4 million, Etisalat was N7 million, and Airtel was N3.8 million, totaling N120.4 million fine for all the four GSM operators.
The additional fine of N100,000, is based on the refusal of telcos to pay their individual fines, on or before September 7, which elapsed yesterday. Read more


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