March 22, 2019

TGIF: Top clubs to wind down in Lagos this weekend

TGIF: Top clubs to wind down in Lagos this weekend

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Lagos is a very hectic city; what with the hustle and bustle we experience every other day with the snarling traffic, reckless drivers, rowdy crowds and the frustrating thongs we go through to make ends meet.
But it is not all gloom in Lagos as every weekend presents an opportunity to unwind. From the Mainland to the Island, there are several spots where one can relax, unwind and cool off the stress of the week.
Depending on your pocket and preference, there is a large number of pubs, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, parties, concerts, theatres, cinemas and shows where you can have fun and give yourself a nice treat.
In fact, Lagos is the place to be if you are nightcrawler or just a regular guy who feels like hanging out.
Today, we bring you the 10 best spots to relax and unwind in the city of Lagos.
1. Escape Night Club
Escape Night Club located on Adeola Odeku Street, Victoria Island, has a unique and exotic ambiance that calls on guests periodically. A night out here is very remarkable as it is the hub of top Nigerian celebrities.

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Thus, it is an ideal place for networking. Located in a serene and secure environment, Escape Night Club never loses its charm. To unwind, guests can grab a drink, hit the dance floor, have a light meal, and meet new people. This is a perfect hub for night crawlers, fun lovers, musicians, and comedians.
2. Club Quilox
Club Quilox has become the most sought-after nightclubs in Lagos and often plays host to top music acts, politicians, entertainers and the big boys in Lagos.
This is the best place to have a lavish and pleasant nightlife if you have the dough to burn. The hub is a new world of style and luxury and the right spot for unparalleled late night clubbing and hangouts for party lovers. Nightlife in Lagos is not complete without Quilox. The club has very high standards that appeal to the creme de la creme of society. With an impeccable interior design of red, gold, and black, it comes alive at night with the mix of people and music.

Quilox is one of the best run clubs in Lagos
Quilox is one of the best run clubs in Lagos

Located on Ozumba Mbadiwe Avenue, Victoria Island, Club Quilox is the best venue for private parties with its splendid VIP or soundproof VVIP rooms.
At Quilox, there is always something to do; Mondays to Wednesdays are Night Shift; Thursday night has on its roll Workman’s Compensation, Friday night has Starry Nights, Saturday is Thriller Nights while on Sunday night, there is Sunday Nitro.
3. Prive Lounge
Prive Lounge is a luxurious restaurant, lounge, and bar with a rooftop terrace which comes with complete cabanas and a dedicated bar. Privé lives up to its name as a private and exclusive spot for the creme de la creme.
Privé Seafood Pasta is yummy and is one of the reasons to visit the spot. There’s also a luxuriously furnished cigar room where guests can have a private time and light up a cigar.
Prive Lounge is located on Karimu Kotun Street, Victoria Island, and boasts of tasteful design and an extensive menu that thrills her guests.
4. Ember Creek
Located on Awolowo Road, Ikoyi, Ember Creek consists of a bar, a restaurant, and a fashion café on the Waterfront of McGregor Creek, Ikoyi. This lively fun hub for night crawlers and day lovers alike has a unique outdoor location on Lagos’ lagoon.
Ember Creek has a resort-like setting in the middle of the city and attracts upper-class guests with its beautiful and serene environment complimented with the exotic services provided on the spot.
Ember Creek’s lovely bar is complimented with a swimming pool and a night out here is nothing less than excellent.

Ember Creek is the place to be this weekend
Ember Creek is the place to be this weekend

5. Club 57
Club 57 is one of the best clubs in Lagos, located not far from Banana Island and as expected, is populated by the big boys in town.
The club was founded in 2104 and has become one of the best with its exquisite interior decor, designs, and the ambiance.
If you are looking for the club with a great atmosphere, exclusivity, comfortable with top notch and quality nightlife, then Club 57 is the place to hang out this weekend.
Although the drinks are a little bit on the high side, it makes up for the decent fun while the restaurant serves an array of food from different Nigerian cultures.
6. Club Uno
Club Uno has a unique sparkle that nightcrawlers in Lagos can’t resist. The exotic fun spot provides club goers with the fun they have always longed for. Here, it’s party all night as there’s no dull moment and no one is left out.
Club Uno is a perfect spot for night crawlers who love fun all the way. Guests can hit the dance floor, take a drink, network, and enjoy the vibes of all fun lovers’ haven. It is located on Allen Avenue, Ikeja.
7. Rumors Nightclub
Rumors Nightclub is said to be the best-run club on the Lagos Mainland. Located in the serene Ikeja GRA, Rumors Nightclub is known to have the latest things you might be looking for in terms of drinks, music, drinks, and all around fun.
The atmosphere can best be described as infectious and the place where the big boys and babes on the other side hang out.

Rumours Nightclub provides something different for night-crawlers
Rumours Nightclub provides something different for night-crawlers

8. Caliente
Caliente Bar and Club has become one of the most popular and hottest clubs in Lagos, owing largely to its fairly priced soft drinks, champagne, liquor and wine, and brilliant finish. The club’s ambiance has a cosmopolitan edge with a lovely blend of fun and youth.
It is located at 9 Goriola Street, Off Adeola Odeku, Victoria Island.
8. Sailor’s Lounge
Sailor’s Lounge is a fully furnished, relaxed and adventurous lounge with the ambiance of a sea view that compliments the atmosphere for unwinding, business networking and water view.
Sailor’s Lounge boasts of three sections; Sailor’s Bar, Captain’s Cabin and Captain’s Deck.

Sailor's Lounge is different from the rest
Sailor’s Lounge is different from the rest

Captain’s Deck is the first floating bar in Nigeria, it is specifically designed to capture the experience of floating atop the ocean for maximum enjoyment.
Their menu engineering is done to override all competitive menu and the programmes are designed to give a lasting memory of fun and enjoyment. Sailor’s Lounge located on Admiralty Way, Lekki, has grown significantly over the last four years to become a respected and capable convenience provider and a hub where fun meets with nature.
9. Bay Lounge
Bay Lounge is a new destination restaurant and lounge tucked in the swanky Lekki neighborhood in Lagos. Bay Lounge boasts a spacious interior and an expansive exterior that offers plenty of space for many fun activities like dining, ‘al fresco’, movie nights, ‘live band’ and a discotheque with the DJ spinning new and old-school rhymes.
The primary goal at Bay Lounge is to provide first class service in one of Lagos’ most stunning areas while remaining on the pulse of Lagos nightlife. Every guest is treated like a VIP by their very skilled, attentive and friendly personnel, and their satisfaction is of utmost priority.
Bay Lounge offers a fusion of local and international cuisine, serving up delicious favourites like peppered Gizzard, Snails, Oha soup, Edikaikong, Asun, fresh Salads, Club Sandwich, Sea Food, etc.
An eclectic mix of fine dining, exquisite cocktails, music, movies, all served in a hip and welcoming environment, with the soothing sound of the waterfront, the spectacular view of the ocean set against the backdrop of Lagos city lights at night, and a breathtaking panorama of the sunset in the early hours of the evening.
10. Club Pravada
Club Pravada is one of the most active nightlife spots in Lagos. It is one of the best places in Lagos to party at night. The club has ample space on the dance floor, a VIP section, and private rooms.

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It’s classy and executive setting gives it a unique ambiance. The Club Pravada also features complimentary champagne cocktails, some edibles and other side attractions for the ladies.
Their Happy Hour holds at 5 pm from Mondays to Wednesdays, while every Thursday throws up the ‘Ladies and Cocktails’ from 6 pm to 10 pm and Friday nights gives you the opportunity to hit the dance with the in-house DJ spinning a mix of contemporary and old school tunes.

At Ember Creek, you are at one with the lagoon
At Ember Creek, you are at one with the lagoon

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