July 17, 2018

The APC is already at war with itself by Onyema Dike

The APC is already at war with itself by Onyema Dike

We told supporters of the All Progressive Progress (APC) that if they are going to be any better than the People Democratic Party’s (PDP), it would be in the level of disrespect that they dish out to the masses.

Apart from the differences in their nomenclature, politicians who make up these parties are united in their selfish ambition of enslaving the rest of us, dictating the way our lives run and appropriating our collective resources mostly to their own advantage. These parties are merely two sides of the same coin, only that the APC can, with the help of their well-oiled propaganda machine, sell deep darkness of night to the unwary as the dawn of day.

We also told them that when push comes to shove, the oft-advertised  integrity of President Muhammadu Buhari will not hold up before the political chicanery of those on whose back he rode into office.

Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu APC
Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu APC

We told them that the Bola Tinubus, Rotimi Amaechis and Bukola Sarakis of this world would demand the recompense of the political IOU which helped Buhari achieve his life-time dream of ruling Nigeria, and that when they come, they would come in a babel of voices, asking for different things and leaving the old man confused, a hostage to the very people who touted him as the best thing that ever happened to Nigeria. It seems to me that the chicken is already coming home to roost.

Of course it is impossible to stop anyone from continuing to live in denial but any supporter of the APC who insists that he cannot read the sign on the wall, needs help.

Two weeks after the APC took power at the centre, Nigerians do not yet have any real sense of governance. By the end of this week, President Buhari would have spent four out of the fourteen days in office outside the shores of  Nigeria- neighbouring Niger and Chad in the first instance and lately far away Germany.

Of course, his supporters would argue that he made those journeys on behalf of the country and that he took with him a shopping list which would help deliver us from bondage, but tell me, should efforts to change our lot not start from home?

Muhammadu Buhari at an APC rally
Muhammadu Buhari at an APC rally

Buhari does not even have an office yet! Oh yeah, that is what I understand about a President who has not named a Chief of Staff after ten days in office and 60 days spent waiting to be sworn-in. He sent a request for the approval of 15 special advisers to the senate and it was given expeditious passage but not one adviser has been appointed nearly one week later.  In spite of much speculation, we do not have a Secretary to the Federal Government and such other key positions that would make governance meaningful. You get the impression that Baba is in some sort of reverie and wonder when he will snap out of it.

So, why is it difficult for Buhari, who had two months to prepare between when he won the elections and when he took office,(an office which he hasn’t set up after almost two weeks) to name people into these important positions. My guess is as good as yours. The big men who stood by him are at each other’s throat over who should get what.

We hear that the big man of Lagos is determined to have a hand in every pie baked in Aso Rock’s kitchen. He must decide who the Vice President is, who becomes Senate President, who emerges Speaker of the House of Representatives, who is appointed Secretary to the Federal Government and just maybe, who the marabout to the president is.

Expectedly, the other power brokers are wondering whether na only him waka come. Didn’t they contribute money and time and energy to this project?  And so they have presented their own lists to the President, who has his preferences and so the stalemate.

To be sure this is just my theory but an unimpeachable one if the drama that is playing out with regard to the selection of leaders of the national assembly is anything to go by. At the end of the inauguration of the two chambers today, what we are likely to see is the emergence of the preferred candidates of the lion of Bourdillon, who, far ahead of all the other power brokers, invested in the emergence of members of the National Working Committee of the party.

Although supporters of Senator Bukola Saraki and Hon Yakubu Dogbara are bent on defying the party and going ahead to contest elections, it is clear that there is no way they will win.  This gives us all a sickening feeling of de javu as we recall how after the PDP had flexed its muscles regarding the speakership of the lower chambers in 2011, its members led by Tambuwal defied the party and carried the day.

But today, members of the APC in the legislature are dealing with a more brutal force, to whom taking prisoners is never a consideration.

There are a number of predictable scenarios that I see from these events: When elections are completed and the preferred men win their seats, the President would be under the perpetual control of Tinubu and his allies. Secondly, the APC will come out of this a fragmented party in which those who came from the PDP would remain marginalised. Currently, they remain the only group that has not had the benefit of any office. It is not likely that the group led by Rotimi Ameachi and Bukola Saraki, being smart politicians themselves will not go down without a fight which will mean that the APC has, so early in the day, begun an internal war that may never end.

When such things happen, we can only hope that the struggle for power among these men will not pull our country down.

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