The barber who offended a dictator

The barber who offended a dictator

A salon in west London attracts customers from all over the world, thanks to a poster that went viral two years ago. Barber Karim Nabbach used a picture of North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un, to offer a discount to anyone experiencing a “bad hair day”.

North Korean officials visited the salon a few days later and demanded the poster be taken down. The story quickly made headlines around the world. Two years on, Nabbach continues to use satire to drum up business. His latest effort features US presidential candidate Donald Trump, and was featured on CNN.

“If there’s a funny news story and I can think of some sort of hair pun, then I’ll run with that,” he says. “We’ve started to get more international clients. We’ve had people come from Geneva, Zurich, Canada, Dubai.” Nabbach’s next target is Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson. Read more

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