Cameroonian authorities must come clean over fate of 130 people who ‘disappeared’ a year ago – AI

Cameroonian authorities must come clean over fate of 130 people who ‘disappeared’ a year ago – AI

The authorities in Cameroon must come clean over the fate of 130 people rounded up and detained by Cameroonian forces a year ago following security operations against Boko Haram, said Amnesty International on the anniversary of their enforced disappearance.

On 27 December 2014, more than 200 boys and men were arrested by security forces in the villages of Magdeme and Doublé. The government claims that 70 suspected Boko Haram members were arrested and that 25 of them had died that night in custody. However, the whereabouts of at least 130 remaining people are still unknown.

In the same operation, at least eight people, including a child, were killed, more than 70 buildings were burnt down and many possessions were stolen or destroyed by security forces. A 51-year-old woman, whose house was looted and burned down by security, told Amnesty that seven of her family members were arrested and driven away in trucks:

“Since that day, I have not seen or heard from my husband, my two sons, my two brothers and my two sons-in-law despite all my efforts to find them. I really need to know whether they are alive. I want them to come back.’’

Amnesty has written to Cameroon’s Minister of Defence, Minister of Justice and the Chief of Gendarmerie, among others, providing a list of 130 names of people who were arrested in Magdeme and Doublé, requesting that they confirm their whereabouts and inform their families. So far there has been no response. Read more


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