The Nokia Revolution

The Nokia Revolution

In the world of mobile phones, Finnish company Nokia is king. The icy nation of Finland, near the top of the world wouldn’t seem to be the most likely place for electronic innovations, but a company with humble beginnings transformed itself into the largest manufacturer of mobile phones in the world.

The journey for Nokia to become the leader in this race is a seemingly unlikely one, but it became one of the worlds great success stories. In 1865, a former mining engineer, Knut Fredrik Idestam, founded a pulp factory on the Tammerkoski rapids in the south of Finland. His intent was to introduce an advanced form of paper manufacturing from Germany to Finland. It was a success, so Idestam opened a second plant near the Nokianvirta River, which inspired the name of his new company: Nokia Wood Mills.

The name Nokia originated from the river which flowed through the town of the same name (Nokia). In Finland a community called Nokia still exists. Fredrik Idestam exported paper to Russia, United Kingdom and France. To expand his business he merged up with a Rubber goods manufacturing company which used to produce rubber items by the Nokia wood-pulp. The new merger started selling goods under the brand name on Nokia. In 1898, a new company, known as Finnish Rubber Works, opened in Finland to capitalize on the lucrative rubber industry, and used Nokia as one of the brands they sold.  Read more

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