The oldest running airline in Nigeria

The oldest running airline in Nigeria

British Airways is the oldest running airline in Nigeria. The company commenced operations into Nigeria February 9, 1936 under its predecessor’s operating name: Imperial Airlines. At the time, it was intended for flights to terminate in Lagos, but because there were no airports which were suitable for operations, the flights terminated in Kano, and passengers connected to Lagos by train.

A year later, flights from Lagos-Accra were commenced utilizing a four-engined passenger aircraft known as de Havilland Express. It was reported that traffic on the route was held back by health issues, but Imperial Airlines overcame these concerns by installing an apparatus capable of killing mosquitoes in the aircraft.

In 1967, the British government established a Civil Aviation committee to look at certain aviation concerns and one of the recommendations was for the formation of a National Board to control finances and policies. The recommendation came into force in 1971 and Imperial Airlines changed its name to British Airways. Alex Cruz is the new Chairman/Chief Executive of British Airways. Read more

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