March 18, 2019

The olodo’s guide to the Greece debt crises

The olodo’s guide to the Greece debt crises

So I’ve been reading about the Greece/Euro debt crises on different websites trying to find one that simplifies it for an olodo like me. All I succeeded in doing was giving myself a headache. So I reached out to one of the biggest efficos I know on twitter and he pointed me to a short article on that gives a pretty simplified version of the whole wahala.

You can read that article here.

Follow up question. Why do countries borrow money from other countries? Why do state governments borrow money? Take Lagos for example. Today in the news you read that Lagos makes the most money of all the states in the country. Tomorrow you read that Lagos has the highest debt profile of all the states.

Ps: I know I am putting my olodo on display. So when you want to explain, please keep it simple. Tenkiu.


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