The Player’s Diary: Romeo Not Juliet 1 – Kingsley Alaribe

The Player’s Diary: Romeo Not Juliet 1 – Kingsley Alaribe

Whenever she called his name with a peculiar soft ring to it, something interesting was about to happen.

Romeo smiled and powered the television off with the remote control in his hand. He knew what to expect, especially when Juliet called him from the bathroom. He sashayed up the stairs, undressing along the way, and humming his favorite tone in a low octave. By the time he came to the bathroom entrance, he was stark naked.

He pushed the door gently and beheld Juliet in the shower with  glee on her face. The tone he hummed under his breath became a whisper that got gradually strangled away by the sheer suave luster of Juliet’s body.

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Her eyes glistened under the shower, and the supple of her skin all but pulled him into another plane of unspeakable desires. “You know who they say doesn’t keep a woman waiting?” Juliet asked with a coy smile.

Romeo stepped into the bathroom. “I wasn’t a gentleman until just now.”

“And now that you are?”

“And now that I am…”


She pulled him close to her until their bodies touched and she shuddered from the tingle of excitement that seized her. She cooed in his ear, “What will you do about it?”



He allowed his hands course slowly across her body until he came to her bosom and grabbed it firmly as she let out a quiet moan. He now blew warm air into her ear to contrast with the cold in the bath, which made her tug at him even tighter. He let the full ear into his mouth, teasing its sides with his tongue without the usual, expected love bites. And then he replied, “Why waste time giving you an answer, seeing how I am clearly more fluent without speaking.”


“Oh, you silver tongue devil,” she whispered, and began to kiss him hungrily. Then she guided his head to her full breasts and gasped as his tongue flicked over a nipple.

He left his hand to keep fondling her and kissed his way back up to her shoulder, and then her neck, and then the back of her ear, and then swiftly down to her navel for a moment before traversing to the side of her stomach, just below her ribs. He knew the little secret spots that most people didn’t – and all the popular ones. He was about to bury his head on the lush between her thighs when she pulled him to his feet.

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Her body was beginning to tremble and she couldn’t hold out much longer. “Take me now,” she ordered him.

Romeo turned her around and was just beginning to ease his way into her when the bathroom door flung open. He spun around, startled and in shock.

Andrea was staring at him with the most notorious look of bewilderment all over her face. Before either of them said a word, Romeo looked around himself…

The shower was not running.



His body was dry.

There was no Juliet in the bath with him.

But he hard a massive hard-on.

His wife finally broke the silence, “What the hell are you doing?”


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