The Player’s Diary: Romeo Not Juliet 2 – Kingsley Alaribe

The Player’s Diary: Romeo Not Juliet 2 – Kingsley Alaribe

Back in the day when seeing was believing, Romeo would have been innocent. Andrea had not exactly seen anything–anything tangible at least–but she knew something was going on.

Her mind felt damp with worry. Her head was spinning like a giant carousel. The pieces of her thoughts were crazily distorted like a maniac’s jigsaw puzzle: one piece here, one piece there, but no connection.

Although Andrea lived a life of many fantasies before marriage, she was far from a hopeless romantic. She simply liked to indulge the dreams of a life she didn’t think could happen.

She would imagine herself married to the perfect man. This man could hear her thoughts pretty much as he could feel the thumping of her heart.



He could easily make her laugh when she was unhappy, and leave her silly love notes in different corners of their home. He would make love to her in the car, bathroom, kitchen, stairway-everywhere. And if he was sad or angry or bored, she could fix him with her kisses and soothing touches.

They could speak with their eyes in a crowded room and feel each other’s pains, even while miles apart. She had been on hundreds of vacations in her mind, and more than a dozen honeymoons in the choicest locations in the world. At the end of every fantasy, she would sigh deeply with satisfaction and settle back into the real world. And then one day, that life happened-she met Romeo.

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When Romeo asked her if she would do him the honor and spend the rest of her life with him, it was a no-brainer. They courted for six months. In that time, she was convinced he was the closest anyone could come in tandem with her fantasies. It wasn’t just that he was over six feet tall and athletic with an unassuming baby face, or that he was a marriage counselor with a successful practice, or that his easy smile made him particularly endearing. It was all of it. And after three years, being married to him was almost all she expected.

Until recently.

Andrea couldn’t put a finger on the problem. She could not find the seam from which it leaked. She was just sure-believing before seeing-that an alien matter had entered their lives.

Andrea tried to bring it up with Romeo but he dismissed her concerns. He said it was ridiculous. She had nearly agreed with that just before she saw Romeo stark naked in the bathroom with an erection and no explanation.

When she got up to make her morning run, she dealt him a long, hard look on the bed and just hoped her worst fears wouldn’t be confirmed.

Because if she went by how the times have changed, believing is seeing.

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