March 20, 2019

The Player’s Diary: Romeo Not Juliet 3 – Kingsley Alaribe

The Player’s Diary: Romeo Not Juliet 3 – Kingsley Alaribe

The moment Romeo got home, Andrea could see her husband had been touched. Like before, she couldn’t tell exactly how or to what extent. She just knew something was amiss.

Romeo immediately reminded her that he was going to be attending a two-day conference.

Andrea had not forgotten. She had even helped him pack.

Romeo kissed her on the forehead and excused himself, supporting his fatigued body with the banisters as he sashayed up the stairs.

Andrea never took her eyes off him.

Something was awfully wrong and she was going to unfurl every last detail of it.

At the reception of Le Pinochetti, where the two day conference was imminent, Romeo was waiting his turn to confirm his reservation.

The exquisite foreign accent of the lady in front of him caught his attention. Her trim, body-fitting skirt suit was very classy and she smelled like a fresh garden of orchids. Before he could admonish himself to stay quiet and remain of good behavior, he blurted the longest compliment of his life, “Your fragrance is so sweet and overpowering and I cannot be accountable for whatever I say or do while my senses are happily overridden.”

Shea turned around. Her large orbs glazed him over from head to feet. “Aren’t you Romeo Woodrow?” she asked.

Romeo was stunned. “How can you know me?”

“I’m just as shocked I didn’t know you showed good taste.”

Romeo felt a frisson wash over his body. “I don’t know what to say.”

“That’s not much like what I’ve heard about you,” Shea said. “In fact rumor has it I may have lost some clients to your practice because your reputation of saying precisely the right words at the right time far precedes you.”

Now he knew who she was.

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She was a brilliant psycho-therapist and life coach. They’d never met but Shea Livermore was likewise reputed for having established an excellent practice which would have easily rivaled his’, except she was situated on the other end of the city, so they weren’t in each other’s way. But no one had told him she bore the kind of beauty and aura that could strike him dumb at first sight. He tried to keep his composure. “Rumors say a lot of things.”

“Are you speaking at this function too?”

Romeo affirmed.

“Then I shall have another pleasure of your jolly, pretty face.”

Romeo smiled and watched her waltz away with a feline grace and the imperious progress of a wonder woman. But what mostly held him bedazzled was how much she reminded him of Juliet.


That afternoon Shea delivered her presentation on Relationships Among Coworkers. Romeo, who didn’t have to be there, snuck in and lodged himself among the staff of the company. He couldn’t pass on the chance to listen to that resonating voice that had him knocked for six.

“Almost all businesses are cut-throat these days. Consequently, the work place is where we show our fiercest selves. We have deals to close, deadlines to meet, ideas to come up with and critique and implement – it can be quite demanding.

“The self that is proficient enough to handle this madness is only one part of you. And most definitely not the part that you unveil to your partner. By some unwritten emotional rights, they’re entitled to the more loving and tender part of you. 

“But when you work together, it is inevitable the relationship comprises of both parts. You cannot successfully shield them from the former trait. Naturally, the loving part will be dominant at the start of any affair, however, over an unspecified length of time, the work self will begin to rear its head.

“The question now becomes whether either of the two lovers has enough emotional intelligence to deal with the new era…”

Romeo was mesmerized.

Not even he could have handled the topic better. He listened keenly until she came to the end of her delivery and was saluted with resounding ovation. That was when he concluded he had to see her again. He had to speak with her, spend time with her – become more than just a jolly, pretty face with a good professional reputation. He got up and started walking out, determined to come up with a plan. One of the ushers met him only a few feet from the exit and handed him an envelope. He said it was from Miss Livermore. Romeo opened the light weighted envelop very quickly to see its content.

It was Shea’s suite address.


Shea had done a good job of not showing how much she was equally into Romeo.

Of course she had to be a lady about it, she told herself. And yet she reminded herself they didn’t have a lot of time. It was only a two-day conference so the charade had to be crafted to end the moment Romeo walked into her suite.

She took a scented bath and slipped into a sexy lingerie. Then she reached for a bottle of wine she had ordered and placed it on a stool beside her bed. She had two cups stylishly juxtaposed to the bottle. She took her phone, navigated to the music gallery and selected a playlist of slow, romantic songs. The mood swelling within her had to be sustained.



Now all she had to do was wait.


Romeo was all set for real life infidelity for the first time since he got married. The little thing his mind had going with Juliet made it all seem commonplace.

He took a shower, freshened up and dressed to impress. He had a bottle of Rose and flowers to set it off on the right note.

Before he headed for the door, Romeo called his wife and bade her good night. He had to ensure she wouldn’t be interfering when the sensual show got started.

But as soon as the call ended, he saw Juliet standing at the door with two glasses of wine in both hands. He was confused and speechless. She had a penchant for just appearing that way.

“Did you really think I was going to let that British bimbo steal you away?” Juliet asked.

Romeo still said nothing. He had never seen Juliet jealous, and it was interesting he had compared her with Shea earlier.

“Are you just going to stand there?” she asked, and then let the white towel wrapped around her drop to the ground, revealing a voluptuous nudity. She now added, “Or does this mountain have to come to Muhammad?”

At that moment, Romeo felt his member coming to life. Juliet was irresistible. She was perfect. He surrendered himself completely to her will.

Shea was not going to be a part of this night.



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